Our company is situated almost in the middle of Hungary in Soltvadkert. We are specialized in the production and the distribution of polythene packaging. At present, we satisfy our customers' wishes with the help of 50 attendants, 11 extruders, 11 customization machines, a press, 2 mills, 3 regranulating machi-nes and 3 vans.

During the years we continuously extended the capacity of our production and our product supplies, so today we have a wide choice of goods at our present and future clients' disposal. Our excellent quality nylon packets and bags, flat foil and other wrappers are-as sufficient to our costumers' individual demands- available in several colours, and size all over the country.

You can find wholesale trades with nationwide network, retail shops and family enterprises among our partners. A considerable amount of our goods are sold by our resellers, however, we are mostly the direct packaging supplier for other manufacturer, producer and service providing companies.

Our technology, our modern equipment, and the competence of our fellow workers assure the high quality that guarantees the satisfaction of our clients and ensures a range of products, which is adequate to our costumers' special demands.

We operate a modern, well equipped company with wide scope of activity in a cultured surrounding with high theoretical and practical knowledge.

Our company's activity until now:
The company is a successful operator of the Hungarian economy; the owner's commitment is firm.

The purpose of our business:
• The optimal exploit of our resources
• Economical efficiency
• Increasing the participation in the domestic market and to maintain the market-leading position
• Creating workplace, value creation
• Service development
• Developing the company's infrastructure and the knowledge
• Marketing approach
• Market research, satisfaction of the market segments' demands
• Environmental protection
• Flexibility, accuracy
• Increasing the comfort feeling of the costumers
• Maintaining, cultivating and refreshing our business policy

Our efforts until now:
• The existence of a plastic based material processing holder unit, which shows a continuous increase in its business efforts, including designing, organizing, coordinating, processing, producing, trans- porting and supplying.
• Broadening, returning, satisfied clientele
• Continuous extension of the range of products thanks to the effective management
• Workplace creation increasing the steady employment
• Purchasing the certificate of quality
• Bearing the sustainable development in mind, to became enterprise size, approaching the environmental consciousness
• Widening our services

The management and the structural composition
of the company
The manager of the company: Tamás Szigeti
Economic manager, environmental and quality manager: Tünde Szigeti
The company employs both skilled and semi-skilled workers according to its innovative character.
Proudly we can announce that the ISO 9001 quality assurance and the ISO 14001 environmental standard were introduced at our company.

Market potentials
Based on the private interests and professional experiences the compa-nies, that produce with shorter deadline and with better quality requirements, benefit against other companies.
Nowadays not only the quality, the feature and the price of the ware determine the competitiveness of the different industrial goods on the market, but also the method and the quality of the packaging. That is why our com-pany's long term development should mean the best satisfaction of these de-mands, matching the changing market demands, satisfying the highest quality requirements, with exact and reliable transport and with correct, market ade-quate prices.
Primarily, we would like to produce that goods, which are already known, preferred and used by our customers, but we are continuously looking for new markets, too.

The 3 main arguments why our partners like to work with us:
Quality: We continuously check the quality of our goods through our quality standard system since the good quality guarantees our clients' confidence.
Rapidity: For our regular costumers we produce and transport the ordered product in 1 week and for our new costumers in 2 weeks.
Price: Taking the current market situation into consideration, we make marketable prices. Our purpose is, by taking the highest quality requirements into consideration, with exact and reliable transport and with correct, market adequate prices to satisfy the changing market demands. 

Our values:
We consider our reliability and our ethical corporate behaviour our busi-ness partner's values as well as the respect of our partner organizations or our individual partners.
Our business profile is characterized by rapidity, flexibility, susceptibility to the new possibilities, cooperation, the seeking for synergies and for joint interests and the striving after consensus within the bounds of reason.
We attach odd value to the long distance relationship and to the strategic union. We are expecting the similar values from our partners.
The trade of our goods is ensured by our fellow workers, regional repre-sentatives and cooperating partners in different ways.
We serve not only our wholesale trades, retail shops and our private indi-vidual partners but we sell projects directly as well.

Our trade policy:
The equipment of our company and the profession of our fellow workers make us possible to meet our costumers' requirement completely. We can undertake both narrow and wide assignments. Our partners can choose from our range of products available, but we can also satisfy individual demands taking the agreement into consideration.


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